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Category: Breast Pumps

Manufacturer: Spectra


A wireless breast pump, with rechargeable battery, that fits in your palm, purse, or handbag
Spectra 9 Plus is designed to truly meet the needs of moms wanting a lightweight pump that is powerful and practical.  The Spectra 9+ can help moms meet their breastfeeding goals and successfully complete their breastfeeding journey when they are away from their baby—whether running errands, traveling, working, studying at the library, attending meetings, etc.…
The Spectra 9 Plus is a powerful personal use pump that offers great portability and flexibility.It has high performance vacuum with a strong suction.Users can adjust the suction strength and cycle speed with one touch.It also has 10 suction levels in expression mode and 5 suction levels in massage mode.It is small enough to fit into your handbag, or purse.

Spectra 9 Plus with its elegant design offers a comfortable pumping experience in a rhythm that is just like an actual nursing infant’s sucking rhythm.

Like all Spectra Pumps, it has a Closed System, a physical barrier between the milk, moisture and the pump.It keeps the tubing dry by preventing air flow between expressed milk and pump tubing while pumping.Thus, it ensures hygiene and motor performance.

It offers a customize pumping experience.Moms can fine-tune the suction strength and cycle speed with one touch to adjust the speed and find the rhythm most effective to their body’s need.It also has 2-phase mode: “Massage Mode” a short shallow mode to stimulate mom’s letdown reflex and “Expression Mode” a deeper, slower pattern of suction to mimics how baby nurses

• Single or Double Pumping
• Vacuum Range 0-280mmhg
• Vacuum Level L1-L10 in Expression Mode
                            L1-L5 in Massage Mode
• Closed System
• 2-Phase Pumping—Massage/Expression
• Lightweight—1/2 lb. only
• 30-Minute Auto Power Off
• Timer Display (LCD)
• Quiet
• Output: 12V,2A
• Input: 100V – 240V / 50-60Hz
• 1-year Warranty on Pump Motor
• 90-day Warranty on Accessories
• Color/White

• Spectra S9 Plus Motor Unit with rechargeable battery
• Power Cord and AC Adapter
• 24mm Breast Flanges (2)
• Wide Neck Bottles (2)
• Bottle Locking Rings (2)
• Bottle Discs (2)
• Bottle Caps (2)
• Duckbill Valves (2)
• Backflow Protectors (2)
• Tubings (2)

Hospital Strength Pump at an Affordable Price !

All accessories in contact with your milk are BPA free


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