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ProCare ™ Breathable Unisex Adult Briefs; Extra Large (59" to 64")

Category: Incontinence Products

Manufacturer: First Quality

Item Number: #CRB-014

The ProCare ™ Breathable Unisex Adult Briefs by First Quality, are adult diapers that are highly absorbent and are shaped for breathability, comfort and security.
The briefs feature a cloth-like outer fabric with breathable zones to keep skin dry and healthy. The  Reattaching direct lock fasteners allows for multiple re-fastenings for improved fit. They also feature materials used provide a thinner and more discrete fit.

Breathable Adult Diapers - Keep Skin Dry, Cool & Comfortable
Highly Absorbent Materials protecting from leakage
Thin and Discreet Fit
Reattaching direct lock fasteners
Flexible Leg Elastics

Item Number     Size              Waist Size      Unit/ Case
CRB-012/1          Medium     34" to 44"       Bag of 16/
                                                                         6 Bags per Case
CRB-013/1          Large           45" to 58"       Bag of 18/
                                                                         4 Bags per Case
CRB-014/1          X-Large      59" to 64"       Bag of 15/
                                                                         4 Bags per Case
CRB-017             Bariatric      62" to 73"      Bag of 12/
                                                                         4 Bags per Case

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