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Product Details

Rollator With Fold Up And Removable Back Support And Padded Seat

Category: Mobility Products

Manufacturer: Drive


Product Description

The Rollator with Folding Removable Back Support in red by Drive Medical comes standard with 8" caster wheels, loop locks and created brakes to ensure safety. The seamless padded seat opens to a roomy, convenient, zippered storage pouch to easily and securely transport personal items. The ergonomic handles are easy to grip, relieve hand pressure, and are height adjustable to accommodate users height.

Features and Benefits
  • Large 8" casters are ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Removable, hinged, padded backrests can be folded up or down as necessary
  • Handles are adjustable in height
  • Easy to use loop locks
  • Comes with padded seat with zippered pouch under seat
  • Comes standard with pouch
Product Specification
  • Handle (Height): 33"-38".
  • Width: 24".
  • Length: 28".
  • Seat (Depth): 14".
  • Seat (Width): 14".
  • Seat (Height): 23".
Model # R728RD

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